Awards 2015 case study: Most commercially successful campaign – VMware

How VMware took their technology solutions to previously unresponsive sectors, with a demand generation campaign that smashed their targets -  over $40 million in sales pipeline in just 18 months


Virtualisation and cloud infrastructure company VMware wanted to change the perception that it only catered for large companies, and show small and mid-sized enterprises that its offering is both appropriate and affordable.

In order to achieve this, it brought on agency April Six, who put together the testimonial-based 'People like you' (PLY) campaign. The campaign was built around the knowledge that people in IT are easily turned off by vendor marketing. 

The key objective of the campaign was to communicate that VMware solutions are used by 'people like you' in smaller organisations. The campaign was launched in 2013, and was simplified in 2014 to focus on a complete outbound and inbound lead generation programme. 

The campaign was highly successful: it was over target and three months ahead of deadline. 


"The results that April Six delivered were truly astonishing"

Tamara Scharf, head of digital and demand center EMEA, VMware 

A look inside

Category name: Most commercially successful campaign

Programme name: People like you 

Agency: April Six

Client: VMware