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B2B Agencies Benchmarking Report 2014

The report is a comprehensive examination of the B2B marketing agency sector. It’s an indispensable resource for B2B marketers seeking to evaluate and appoint specialist B2B agencies. It provides exclusive insights into key trends and detailed breakdowns of performance of the leading players


Ever wondered what marketing agencies are doing and how they are performing? B2B Marketing’s annual Agencies Benchmarking Report, produced in association with Circle Research, is designed to provide detailed insight and analysis of the leading B2B agencies. The report contains Top 70 B2B Marcomms Agencies, Top 20 Fastest Growning B2B Agencies and Top 20 B2B Global agencies league tables.

Meanwhile, additional research creates a map of the agency landscape in 2014. It examines the primary players, their areas of expertise, what services they offer, key staff and personnel, financial performance and awards success.

Other sections of the report include articles penned by a select number of agencies on how the agency scene is evolving, key findings in agency activity, infographic, plus a comprehensive agency directory to enable prospective clients to assess a select number of agencies in detail.

This research will help you:

  • Find the right partner for your needs – compare services offered, such as branding, social media, print advertising, video in order to match an agency to suit your needs.
  • Understand skills and specialisms – what specialist areas of expertise are offered by agencies and what revenue generation potential they can offer you.
  • Evaluate key trends in agency activity – provides a breakdown of current patterns in employment, financials, services, projects and key challenges from the qualitative survey.
  • Benchmark the performance of B2B marcomms agencies – allows comparisons of expertise, services and trade body memberships. The league tables list ranking order, 2014 GI figures, GI for B2B work and current headcount.
  • Assess agencies in detail – the comprehensive agency directory contains contact details, personnel information, international operations, financial performance, trade body membership, industry sector specialisms and accolades. Clients’ comments offer further valuable insight.
  • Plan future activities – compare top services and sectors that are generating the most revenue for agencies.
  • Recognise key challenges in the market – discover the biggest obstacles that B2B agencies are facing.

"This year, 90 per cent of agencies cited the B2B market as ‘strong’ or ‘good’, with the remaining 10 per cent saying it was more challenging, or simply, static"

A look inside

Section one – combines current trends and key findings in agency activity, along with articles penned by a select number of agencies on how the landscape is evolving.

Section two – contains league tables covering the top 70 marcomms agencies, fastest growing agencies and the top 20 global agencies. This section enables direct comparisons between agencies; where they rank, gross income for 2014, percentage of gross income from B2B work etc.

Section three – enables prospective clients to assess a select number of agencies in detail. The comprehensive agency directory includes profile information such as contact details, financial performance, industry sector specialists and accolades, plus much more.

Section four – provides a comparison of expertise and services of a select number of agencies.