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B2B Leaders Report 2015

Defining leadership in the digital age 


B2B Marketing's 2015 B2B Leaders Report brings together insight from marketers operating at all levels within the B2B marketing department hierarchy, and aims to paint a picture of what it takes to be a great leader in the modern B2B environment.

This report reveals what successful marketing leadership looks like in a digital age by focusing on the following:

  • Attracting and retaining talent: what really makes employees happy? What your team wants and what they don’t like.
  • Building a marketing team: how to motivate your team and create a stimulating work environment.
  • Marketing leadership: what qualities does a successful leader possess?

Further details

The report was launched at the annual B2B Leaders Forum which took place on 16 September 2015. Research surveys were completed by 139 B2B marketers, 68 of whom were drawn from the B2B Leaders membership pool. The research took place in July 2015, and was carried out by Circle Research. Further analysis, writing, editing and design was carried out by B2B Marketing. 

"The B2B space is full of talented people leading innovative and successful teams. But the insight captured here will help you take your team’s attainment to the next level"

A look inside

  • leaders report 2015
  • leaders report 2015



Section 1 – No leader is an island 

Section 2 – Does your team want to leave?

Section 3 – What your employees want 

Section 4 – What really makes them happy 

Section 5 – What your team doesn't like 

Section 6 – The need for effective leadership 

Section 7 – Are you a good leader?

Section 8 – Key takeaways 

Section 9 – Leaders: Profiling