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B2B Marketing Autumn 2018

All the essential reading from the B2B marketing space, neatly collected into one handy download


The autumn 2018 edition of B2B marketing has account-based marketing in its sights, with advice on two of the key elements behind delivering a successful ABM programme – nailing your account selection process and pooling the information you need on those accounts through proper use of your CRM system.

  • ABM advice from the practitioners: Three marketing leaders share their thoughts on account-based marketing from pre-launch to driving a growth mindset.
  • The essential element of ABM: The success of your ABM programme hangs on the accounts you select. Mary-Anne Baldwin speaks to Andy Bacon, the lead advisor for B2B Marketing’s Head-Start programme to find out more.
  • What can we learn about ABM from the tech sector: The tech sector was where ABM was born, so where better to look for advice on what the best do differently?
  • Take your marks for ABM: ABM is more of a marathon than a sprint. David Cotterill tells Molly Raycraft how to make it across the finish line, while reaping lucrative rewards along the way.
  • The evolution of email – from success to spam: It’s 40 years since the first marketing email – a B2B message, no less – was sent. We’ve come a long way, but have we become anaesthetized to its effects? Rebecca Ley finds out.
  • How to find your ‘eureka’ moment: Neuroscientist, author and TV presenter Dr Jack Lewis explains how to improve your performance and creativity through simple brain training techniques.
  • Adapt or die?: It’s often said B2B marketing is in a state of transition – so much so that marketers have come to accept change as the new normal. Joel Harrison examines the implications for marketing leaders.
  • Populating the hive – how to encourage internal CRM adoption: A CRM system stands or falls on how ell you can get your sales team to use it. Molly Raycraft investigates how you can drive internal CRM adoption to ensure your office buzzes with efficiency.

“Marketing operations is on paper, a critical part of an effective marketing team. You could call it the backbone of the marketing function”

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  • B2B Marketing Autumn 2018
  • B2B Marketing Autumn 2018

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