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B2B Marketing Autumn 2020

All the essential reading from the B2B marketing space, neatly collected into one handy download


The Autumn 2020 issue of B2B Marketing looks forward to the ABM Conference and the B2B Marketing Awards. In addition to the entire shortlist for the awards, this issue includes words from some of our top speakers at the ABM Conference, as well as key insights from our recent sales enablement and leaders reports. Download your copy now to learn:

  • How we used the ‘pillars of B2B marketing maturity’ to survey 100 B2B marketing leaders to gauge their organisations’ progress along the path to digital marketing maturity.
  • Who’s made the shortlist for the B2B Marketing Awards? Now in its 15 th year, the B2B Marketing Awards celebrates the best in the business, guaranteeing to boost a brand’s profile, showcase its skills and help companies gain vital recognition.
  • What ABM Conference speaker Kate Owen’s career has looked like to date, and what her thoughts are on the challenges, benefits and future of ABM.
  • What the current state of sales enablement looks like. Using our survey results, we have carefully mapped where most B2B marketers are at in their efforts to develop their sales enablement programmes.
  • What’s next for B2B marketing events? At our latest roundtable discussion, we spoke with our leaders about how virtual events have evolved since the pandemic and some of the challenges they’ve been facing since.
  • 10 things to avoid getting wrong in ABM. Robert Norum breaks down the 10 key take-outs from his ABM Essentials course for B2B Marketing.
  • How businesses can create a more inclusive workplace. With more discussion on diversity than ever before, it’s important that companies take an active role in driving change forward. Kavita Singh outlines the steps that need to be taken towards an inclusive culture.
  • Things to consider when getting your podcast on air. B2B podcasts can be a creative platform your company might be considering. Starting one is easy, but keeping one is the challenge.

Kate Owen, director of GTM, industry and ABM, Capita: “ABM requires a different mindset – you’re moving from thinking in volume of leads to quality of accounts and conversations designed for the customer. Marketers need to ask different questions and put themselves in the shoes of the customer. If you wouldn’t engage with the marketing as a consumer, then it probably isn’t right. The best ABM marketers are the curious people in the room who constantly question and seek out more customer insight to inform their strategies to come up with the big idea that will stand your organisation out from the competition.”

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