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B2B Marketing Spring 2018

All the essential reading from the B2B marketing space, neatly collected into one handy download


Marketing’s contribution to business growth is the theme that runs through the Spring 2018 edition of B2B Marketing. Securing budget for your ABM programme, how to run a successful tech audit, building brands for start-ups and established players, and how to measure marketing’s contribution to success are all discussed in detail.

  • Influencer marketing myth busting: Still not convinced by the potential for influencer marketing in B2B? We canvassed the experts and asked them to debunk some common misconceptions
  • Ensure your ABM strategy doesn’t fizzle out: Dive into the depths of account-based marketing and you’ll likely reach undiscovered treasures. But knowing how to budget for resources, equipment and training will determine whether you sink or swim, Molly Raycraft discovers
  • How to run a successful tech audit: Running an audit for your marketing technology can seem like a daunting task, but the key may be to look for what’s missing, rather than overhauling your systems. Rebecca Ley talks to Ben Rees, CMO at Redgate
  • From brand to behemoth: Many B2B brands struggle with differentiation, but the biggest players are becoming more dominant. Paul Snell looks at the factors behind this, and how to develop a B2B brand that resonates
  • Time for marketing to measure up: Marketing’s ultimate objective should be to contribute to the growth of the overall business. But how easy is it to determine success? Measuring tape in hand, Alex Clarke explores the issue
  • The high flyers: The UK’s most successful B2B agencies have forged very different paths, and have been prosperous for very different reasons. While the environment is uncertain, all remain positive about the opportunities for the future, and their prospects for success. By Joel Harrison
  • Why I’m a convert to digital transformation: If you’ve been cynical about the term ‘digital transformation’ in the past, you’ll have been in good company. But now’s the time for B2B marketers to board the bandwagon, says Joel Harrison

“The more we take considered steps, analysing the data and making qualified decisions, treating marketing as a revenue generator rather than ‘just’ a creative process, the more we can show where the real value in marketing lies”

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  • B2B Marketing Spring 2018
  • B2B Marketing Spring 2018

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