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B2B Marketing Summer 2018

All the essential reading from the B2B marketing space, neatly collected into one handy download


The summer 2018 edition of B2B Marketing focuses on leadership, and will help you confront two issues you might rather not think about – leading during a crisis and succession planning for the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Leadership in today’s workplace: Marketing leaders explain what they’ve come to understand about leadership through their career, and what really makes a difference to people
  • Salaries on the rise: The past 12 months have been positive for B2B marketers. After last year’s fall, salaries have bounced back, up 12% on last year and above those seen in 2016.
  • How to lead your team through a crisis: Nobody wants to believe a crisis will happen to them – but you can bet your luck that what you don’t plan for will bite you in the butt. Molly Raycraft gathers advice on navigating those stormy waters
  • Preparing to hand over the reins: CMO turnover is notably high, but what responsibility do they have to plan for the next in line? Rebecca Ley talks to Claire Macland, Sakina Najmi and Jada Balster about how to prepare the next generation of leaders
  • Can B2B marketing tackle gender bias?: It’s clear from the responses to a government review the message on gender equality still hasn’t landed at the highest levels. Molly Raycraft asked B2B agencies how they’d tackle the issue.
  • Applying design-thinking to marketing: True marketing leaders get involved in product design, but Rambus’ CMO Jerome Nadel believes many aren’t sufficiently involved in this upstream activity. Interview by Paul Snell
  • The rise, fall and rise of martech: The growth of martech has been stratospheric, with an explosion of hype and investment in platforms and systems. But is that all about to change? Joel Harrison reports
  • Standing out in professional services: Differentiation in the B2B market can be a tricky business, particularly in professional services. Rebecca Ley talks to those in the sector about why a strong brand is crucial

“It’s the hardest lesson I’ve learned as a leader. It’s not just about delegation; you have to let go”

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