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Become a CXpert: The marketer's guide to customer experience


Most B2B organisations suffer from diffused responsibility when it comes to CX. While everyone agrees it must be addressed, most are unsure who should do what, or how it all ties up. This guide will tell you why – and how – you can lead the charge. Whether no one in your organisation owns CX or everyone does, it’s time you recognised and celebrated the pivotal role marketers can play in its delivery.

  • 79% say CX is a significant, or their highest, priority
  • 66% are increasing their emphasis on it over the year ahead.

This jam-packed report shares the findings of our industry survey on CX in B2B, plus models, frameworks, advice and case studies on how to drive improvement in your business.

You’ve even have access to a simple test that allows you to measure and compare how good your business is at CX.

Read on for access to…

✓ Survey results: Find out the CX trends and challenges for B2B marketers
✓ Case studies and ideas on how to differentiate your CX
✓ Advice on owning CX and driving internal engagement 
✓ Examples for setting your own CX success metrics 
✓ Learn how to align your team 
✓ Practical workshop ideas.

Gain access to case studies, teaching you how…

  • Allianz and Finastra created bespoke CX metrics.
  • Grundfos set up an ‘always on’ customer pulse project, measuring 200,000 daily customer interactions.
  • Vodafone turned the shock of expensive bills into a positive experience.
  • Turtl uses customer and staff feedback loops for iterative product development.

Practical models to share with your team

☛ The CX Essentials: Your focus points for CX improvement.
☛ The B2B Buying Cycle: It’s not as simple as you may think.
☛ The CX Competency Grid: And a simple test to find out where you sit on it.
☛ The Magic 8: The eight elements that create a culture for CX.

"The amount of customer insight you have as a marketer, means that no one is better placed, or more fully armed, to take on this job. It’s time you recognised and celebrated the pivotal role you can play"

A look inside

  • This guide will tell you why – and how – you can lead the charge on customer experience in your organisation.
  • Become a CXpert contents

Section 1: Executive summary


Section 2: The CX survey

Section 3: The CX essentials

Section 4: Understanding the customer journey

Section 5: Internal alignment: The cross-over between staff and customers

Section 6: Seamless CX: It’s all about your targets

Section 7: Insight: Listening to the voice of your customer

Section 8: Responsive: It’s not what you say, it’s what you do

Section 9: Dare to be different

Section 10: Key takeaways