Beginner's Guide to Buyer Personas

Building B2B buyer personas is a challenging task that can transform your marketing insight. This Guide, including an essential pen portrait template, will help you through every step of the process


This is a detailed guide for B2B marketers of all levels who are seeking to understand why, when and how they should be using buyer personas. It covers a range of elements to consider as you build your personas, as well as areas such as the difference between targeting decision-makers versus influencers.

This guide will help you:

  • Understand – what makes a good buyer persona for different types of marketing activity.
  • Develop – high-quality research to inform your buyer personas.
  • Assist – your marketing and sales teams to better understand your customers.

"Any project that needs to appeal to a target customer with the aim of persuading them to take action, should really involve the creation of a persona"

A look inside

1 – How to create buyer personas

2 – Template: Persona pen portrait

3 – Key learnings

4 – Further reading