Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

This introductory guide, including a content plan template and an award-winning case study,  will both inspire and lead you step-by-step through creating and rolling out a winning content marketing strategy.


Many B2B brands have woken up to the fact that content is ‘king’ and are using it at an unprecedented rate, leaving some marketers confused as to how they can cut through the noise in an over-saturated market. Only the best content will reach its target audience as buyers become more selective over the content they want to consume. It’s no longer good enough to be just doing content marketing – it’s quality that will raise your game.

This Beginners Guide to Content Marketing includes a step-by-step implementation process, content marketing plan templates to help marketers get started, an award-winning case study to demonstrate success, key learning outlining skills and disciplines marketers need to adopt, and a handy further reading list.

This guide is suitable for B2B marketers early in their career, those unfamiliar with the subject area, those switching to a marketing career, or those marketers in need of a refresher.

This guide will help you:

  • Set core objectives – define your objectives and know what success looks like before launching a content campaign.
  • Create a strategy – the fundamental stages needed to complete a successful B2B content marketing campaign.
  • Plan content – put together a content schedule for your production and delivery goals.

 This guide includes:

  • A case study – an award-winning case study showcases successful content marketing in action.
  • Pitfalls to avoid – common content marketing mistakes to steer clear of.
  • Further reading – additional resources linked to content marketing.

"It’s no longer good enough to be just doing content marketing – it’s quality rather than quantity that will raise your game"

A look inside

  • Content marketing

Section one – How to do content marketing

Section two – Editorial calendar template

Section three – B2B Awards case study

Section four – Key learnings