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Beginner's Guide to LinkedIn

How do you make the most of LinkedIn’s marketing features, and engage employees in the process? This Guide will show you how, from the basics, through to creating a killer LinkedIn content schedule


This is a comprehensive guide for marketers who are either setting up LinkedIn for their brand, or who want to find out how to make the most of what the network has to offer. In this guide you’ll find the basics of LinkedIn outlined, a guide to getting LinkedIn working for your business, 10 everyday tips, a template for a social media content schedule and a list of further reading.

This guide will help you:

  • Set up a LinkedIn company page and group – and build a strong following to benefit both sales and marketing.
  • Make employees into brand advocates – by giving your colleagues the training and tools to utilise the platform.
  • Develop a detailed social media strategy – so that your presence across every social network is consistent.

"Adopt a proactive approach and encourage people to build their LinkedIn networks by reaching out and inviting people to connect"

A look inside

1 – LinkedIn: The basics

2 – How to get LinkedIn working for your business

3 – Ten everyday LinkedIn tips

4 – Further reading

5 – Template: Social media content schedule