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Beginner's Guide to Pinterest

Pinterest communities can drive major referral traffic and backlinking for B2B brands. This Guide provides essential practical guidance to help you build an effective Pinterest presence as part of your social media strategy


While Pinterest isn’t usually considered to be one of the mainstream B2B social networks, it can be a fantastic visual platform for B2B brands. Finding the right visual content to share may prove difficult, but Pinterest can provide B2B brands with the opportunity to showcase their personality. This Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest is part of B2B Marketing’s series of Beginner’s Guides dedicated to different social networks.

This guide will help you: 

  • Create a Pinterest account for your brand that will engage your target audience. 
  • Ensure your presence on the network is in line with your social media and broader marketing strategies.
  • Understand how to rival your competitors by maintaining a successful presence on Pinterest. 

"As a B2B business you need to think outside the box and find Pinterest-friendly content that aligns with your company’s narrative or internal culture"

A look inside

1 – Introduction

2 – How to build a successful presence on Pinterest

3 – Pinterest: Ten everyday tips

4 – Pinterest: The basics 

5 – Reading list