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Beginner’s Guide to Sales and Marketing Alignment

Only with a clear sales and marketing alignment strategy can you maximise your pipeline value. This Guide will show you how, with practical tools including a collataral planner and inspiration from an award winning case study


Sales and marketing alignment is a pipe dream for a lot of organisations out there, but it needn’t be. Those bold enough to show unity in these traditionally disparate departments are making waves when it comes to understanding customer needs.

This Beginners Guide to Sales and Marketing Alignment includes a step-by-step implementation process, sales collateral planners to help marketers get started, an award-winning case study to demonstrate success, key learning outlining skills and disciplines marketers need to adopt, and a handy further reading list.

This guide is suitable for B2B marketers early in their career, sales teams, those switching to a marketing career, or those marketers in need of a refresher.

This guide will help you:

  • Set core objectives – define your objectives and know what success looks like.
  • Create a sales collateral plan – to help you plot what content is most appropriate for the various sales cycle stages.
  • Plan a strategy – set out an alignment strategy and goals.

 This guide includes:

  • A case study – an award-winning case study showcases successful sales enablement in action.
  • Pitfalls to avoid – common sales enablement mistakes to steer clear of.
  • Further reading – additional resources linked to sales and marketing alignment.

"Sales and marketing alignment is a pipe dream for a lot of organisations out there, but it needn’t be"

A look inside

Section one – How to achieve sales and marketing alignment

Section two – Sales collateral planner

Section three – B2B Awards 2013: Best integration of sales and marketing

Section four – Key learnings