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Benchmark your organisation’s B2B marketing maturity progress: The B2B Marketing Leaders report 2020


B2B companies are increasingly becoming more digital, data-driven and customer-centric. And marketing leaders are expected to drive this transformation.

However, all B2B marketing leaders are at different stages in their journey to total digital maturity. With that in mind, for this year’s Leaders report, we designed a set of parameters which can be used to demonstrate marketers’ progress along the path to digital marketing maturity – the eight pillars as we call them. These pillars are split into two distinct groups: pillars of execution and pillars of design. They are as follows:

  • Strategy and evolution
  • Growth
  • Execution and campaigns
  • Customer experience
  • Data strategy, insight and intelligence
  • Building effective teams
  • Brand and content management
  • Operations and process.

For a detailed breakdown of what these pillars are, why they matter, and to see where marketers are at in their journey, download the report now.

Get your personalised report now

We recently sent a survey based on the four pillars of execution to 100 marketing leaders. The results of this survey were used in this report to demonstrate where marketers are at in their journey to digital marketing maturity. In addition to this, all of these leaders also receive a personalised report showing where they are at in their B2B marketing maturity compared to their peers. If you’d like to take part in the survey and receive your own personalised report, please get in touch with Sarah Casswell, head of enterprise sales, at

"Inevitably, people are naturally averse to change. Instead of abruptly pivoting, experienced leaders guide their staff to be more enlightened, adaptable and knowledge-seeking"

A look inside

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Introduction: Same goal; new mission 

Section 1: The role of B2B marketing teams is transforming 

Section 2: The eight pillars of B2B marketing maturity 

Section 3: We helped 100 marketing organisations benchmark their progress 

Section 4: How to progress further along the path to B2B marketing maturity 

Section 5: Recommendations and call-to-action