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CXcellence: How to achieve CX success in B2B

When does customer experience matter most? And what can you do to deliver an exceptional customer experience throughout the customer journey? 

We asked the people who really count: B2B buyers.


The customer experience (CX) is something B2B brands can no longer afford to ignore. In fact, successful CX is becoming a defining element of successful marketing.

For this research project, we surveyed big-ticket B2B buyers alongside B2B marketers to find out exactly when CX matters most, and where your focus should really be. The findings were eye-opening.

Download your copy of this report to get your clearest picture ever of:

  • When CX matters most in the buyer journey.
  • Which CX factors are the most influential in buyers' decision-making.

This unique research report brings you so much CX insight and inside knowledge, including:

  • Why you need to be in the buyer’s shortlist from day one.
  • How Google search still matches word-of-mouth as your most important starting point in the CX journey.
  • The crucial reason why 82% of buyers will choose your brand over your competitors'.
  • The one marketing channel you need to focus on above all others to get on your buyers’ shortlists.
  • Why CX outranks both price and product as a purchase driver.
  • Which is the single most influential experience for buyers in the pre-sale process.
  • Which CX trait is the most important of all when it comes to winning business.
  • The true impact of poor CX on brand reputation and referrals.
  • Why delivering on your promises should be your CX obsession.
  • Why you are wasting your time doing customer surveys (unless you make one important change).

This 35-page report includes:

  1. A summary breakdown of all our B2B buyer research findings.
  2. Benchmarking research into how your B2B peers perceive and approach the key aspects of CX.
  3. Eight key steps to effective, profitable CX with related tips and tactics.
  4. A CX checklist to share with all your customer journey stakeholders.
  5. The nine unbreakable rules for delivering CX management success.


This report was produced in partnership with Circle Research, the B2B market research specialist.

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"The leading B2B brands of the future will be those who take CX seriously and provide consistent and connected brand experiences"

A look inside

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1  Introduction
2  The pre-sale customer experience 
3  How does experience drive the purchase decision?
4  The post-sale customer experience 
5  How to achieve CXcellence
6  Which brands deliver the best experiences?
7  Andrew Dalglish, Circle Research  CX: From insight to action