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Deliver business growth with email

Download this guide to find out how to harness the power of email across the customer journey 


Email marketing is nothing new, but it's very hard to use well, particularly as the digital landscape continues to change so rapidly. Used in the right way, though, it can be an incredibly powerful tool. So how do you get it right? This guide, authored by email expert Steve Kemish, discusses everything you need to know to use email effectively throughout the customer journey.

This guide will help you: 

  • Get the foundations right with data and segmentation 
  • Use persona-based targeting to create genuine engagement 
  • Make sure you adopt the right tone of voice 
  • Perfect the design and delivery of your emails.

"Part of the problem with email marketing today is its perception; the fact that it’s old and not as innovative as other channels" 

A look inside

  • B2B marketing email business results
  • B2B marketing email business results


1 – Email is here to stay 

2 – Data and the foundations

3 – Persona-based targeting

4 – Mapping customer touchpoints 

5 – Getting your content right

6 – Top 10 tips for design and delivery

7 – Measuring success