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Demystifying artificial intelligence in B2B marketing

What AI means for you, your department and your business


The advent of artificial intelligence is worrying for some and exciting for others. But what does it actually mean, particularly in the context of B2B marketing? This guide takes the mystery out of AI, explaining its specific meaning, what the term includes, and what its rise means for marketers now and in the future.

In this report, you'll learn: 

  • The meaning and history of AI, including why it's come to the fore now.
  • What AI means for you and your team, including changing skillset requirements.
  • The opportunities and challenges AI presents for B2B marketers.
  • What the AI landscape currently looks like, and how it's likely to evolve. 

This comprehensive guide includes:

  • Insight from AI experts across the spectrum
  • Clear definitions and examples of terms including AI, machine learning and natural language processing 
  • A visual map of the AI landscape 
  • A step-by-step guide to actions you can take in future. 

“There are many tools delivering solutions and solving problems that many people are surprised AI technology can do”

A look inside

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  • B2B marketing demystifying AI premium guide inside image


1 – Introduction

2 – The experts

3 – What is AI

4 – What does it mean for you?

5 – The AI landscape in 2017 

6 – Conclusion: Key takeaways, and what you should do next