Digital tactics for successful event management and marketing

This introductory guide will provide you with a whole range of ideas for using digital to enhance your events and ensure they deliver the returns you're looking for 


If you're using events as part of your marketing strategy, you'll know it can be notoriously difficult to measure their success. But in the era of digital marketing, there are more possibilities than ever to increase the value of your events: before, during and after the day itself. This guide is designed for junior and mid-level B2B marketers who want to explore how digital can extend and measure the impact of their events.

This guide will help you: 

  • Use digital to build momentum before your events
  • Explore digital techniques to ensure your events run smoothly on the day
  • Continue the conversation post-event with digital content
  • Accurately measure the return on your events.

"In-person events remain one of the most widely used marketing tactics in B2B"

A look inside

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1 – Introduction

2 – Before

3 – During

4 – After

5 – Measuring success

6 – Case study

7 – Key takeaways