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How to apply Agile successfully to your marketing

Understand what Agile marketing is, whether it's right for your team and how to get started with an Agile approach


Agile marketing's rise is showing no signs of slowing. It almost seems too good to be true – can this software development methodology really deliver the exceptional results that its proponents in marketing proclaim? In this guide we remove the mystery that surrounds Agile marketing and explain exactly what it is, whether it's right for you and your team, and how you can go about implementing an Agile approach.

This authoritative guide includes: 

  • The definition of Agile, an overview of its history and an explanation of why it's gaining ground now
  • A checklist to help you evaluate whether it's right for your team
  • A detailed guide on how to implement an Agile approach
  • A troubleshooting guide, and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions 
  • In-depth case studies from B2B marketers who are already using Agile to transform their marketing
  • A glossary of Agile terms 
  • A list of helpful additional resources

Download your copy now, to learn:

  • How Dun & Bradstreet made a seamless transition to Agile by taking a persona-by-persona approach.
  • The seven key steps for implementing a successful Agile approach to marketing.
  • The five crucial characteristics of a successful Agile team.
  • How to use Agile to replace the team meetings you have, with ones that actually deliver.
  • Scrum, Sprints, Epics and Stories - what they are and how to make them fit what your team does.
  • A ten point Agile marketing action plan.
  • The snags you could face, and how to fix them.
  • How IBM's approach to Agile marketing can provide a blueprint for your own success.

"Agile enables marketing teams to be more productive, creative and successful"

A look inside

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  • Agile guide inside page



  • The value of Agile marketing: Pros and cons 
  • Is it right for my team? 
  • Q&A: Rishi Dave, CMO, Dun & Bradstreet 
  • How to implement an Agile approach
  • Your Agile action plan 
  • Case study: The Mixologists (the IBM Agile marketing team)