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An introduction to B2B video marketing

No medium creates creates greater B2B engagement than video. This expert 101 guide takes you through the essentials for creating compelling, customer-centric videos, and delivers inspiration from five of the best


This introduction to B2B video is the go-to guide for marketers looking to start regularly using video as a part of their marketing strategy. Whether you've already used video in the past but haven't kept it up, or if you're keen to use video for the first time to bring your brand to life, this guide will help. It offers up-to-date guidance on areas such as the storytelling power of video and advice on making video work for your brand.

This guide will help you: 

  • Create compelling video stories for your brand. 
  • Ensure your video is right for your audience and fits within your wider marketing strategy. 
  • Tie video to the buying cycle. 
  • Learn from the brands that are using video successfully. 


"The story-telling power of video has long been established as a means to change perceptions, behaviour and attitudes"

A look inside

  • introduction to B2B video
  • introduction to B2B video


1 – Introduction

2 – How to make a compelling corporate video story

3 – Five ways to tie your videos into the buying cycle 

4 – Five of the best brands using B2B video 

5 – Key takeaways 

6 – Author biography