The key to successful B2B research

This Best Practice Guide will help B2B marketers throughout the process of developing and delivering effective market research projects 


Putting together a market research project can be a big task, especially if you want to ensure that it delivers insights that will be of real use to your business. There are a number of elements to consider before and during market research projects to make sure they produce accurate results.

This Best Practice Guide has been designed to help B2B marketers at every level understand the market research process from start to finish. It runs through every element to consider, ranging from defining the goals of your project to deciding whether or not to carry out research inhouse or outsource it to a third party. 

This guide will help you: 

  • Understand the processes involved in developing successful market research projects that will produce actionable and useful insights for your business. 
  • Evaluate what type of research is most appropriate for your needs, including qualitative versus quantitative research. 
  • Ensure the research you carry out is used to drive positive change. 

"If executed and delivered well, research is a powerful tool and a strong source of competitive advantage"

A look inside

1 – Introduction 

2 – The role of research in B2B 

3 – The research project 

4 – Primary and secondary research 

5 – Conclusion and key takeaways