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Leaders roundtable: The first 100 days

The key takeaways from September's Leaders roundtable


United Kingdom

It’s fair to say the average B2B leader starts a new role with the weight of expectation on their shoulders, and is expected to make an impact pretty soon after starting a new role. But with so much to play for and a myriad of priorities all competing for top spot, how can a newly incumbent B2B leader best go about registering the quick wins while also laying the foundations for longer term success? September's Leaders roundtable examined the priorities a newly hired B2B leader should have when they start a new role.

"Get up to speed with all IT systems and processes – if you don’t, you’ll spend the next two months playing catchup" 

A look inside

Areas of discussion include:

  • What to prioritise in your first, second and third months in a new role
  • Where to focus your attention in terms of your team's professional development
  • Why asking silly questions should be encouraged in a new role, regardless of the post holder's seniority.