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Leaders roundtable: The key characteristics of a B2B leader

Download the summary of our April 2016 roundtable 


What do the best leaders have in common? Being an effective leader is a real balancing act, but there are some key traits that unify those at the top. These were discussed during our roundtable in April, and this document contains the comments and conclusions from the event, including a run-down of these key characteristics. It also includes some of the key mistakes that leaders recognise having made along the way.

"Those at the top know that navigating their ascent necessitated the acquisition of a shrewd approach to workplace relationships"

A look inside

  • leaders roundtable april 2016
  • leaders roundtable april 2016


  • The key character traits among the most effective B2B leaders 
  • The biggest mistakes leaders recognise having made on their way to the top