Leaders roundtable: Your personal and professional brand

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United Kingdom

We’ve all been told relentlessly about how important it is for the c-suite to be on social media. We’ve all sat down with our CEO and explained Twitter and LinkedIn, and why it’s in their interest to update both regularly. We also spend our time on employee advocacy programmes, informing our technical experts that the benefits of their personal brands are numerous and it’s a no brainer to work on it. But we’re not always the best at taking our own advice, and our own brands suffer as a result.

For many, the prevailing thought is the needs of the company come first, and there isn’t time to commit to more selfish pursuits. But that doesn’t have to be the case. A strong personal brand can be used to improve your marketing function in a number of ways, and is never there simply to bolster your CV.

At this roundtable, we discussed:

  • Top tips for establishing your personal brand, both on and offline.
  • How to leverage your personal brand for more clout at board level.
  • How to activate your personal brand when recruiting.
  • Should you be concerned with the personal brand of the marketers in your team?
  • Striking a balance so you don’t come off as too 'careerist'.

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