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United Kingdom

As marketing leaders, we all know that it’s important to know your customers plus their challenges and pain-points in order to speak to them in a way that resonates.

We also know that, to be a good CMO, you need an intimate knowledge of your business. That includes understanding what all of your products can do, including their benefits and shortfalls plus the operating costs involved.

But, to be a truly great marketing leader, you need to go further and understand your market. That includes all of your direct and indirect competition, developments in the market and any disruptors on the horizon.

However, we're busy people. How on earth can a CMO manage to learn all of this?

Further points of discussion:

  • How to use technical events and networking to your advantage.
  • How to blend market, industry and internal information to tell a single story.
  • Should you convince your team to follow your lead?
  • Who in your business can help you up your game?

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