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The MA Sophistication Index 2016-17

Improve the sophistication of your marketing automation efforts with this comprehensive guide, containing detailed research and expert best practice  


Marketing automation (MA) has been adopted by the majority of B2B marketing departments – but using it to its full potential remains a significant challenge for many. This benchmarking report explores current trends in MA and provides a clear pathway for progression, allowing you to turn your MA investment into clear, tangible results.

This report will help you: 

  • Understand the MA landscape in B2B  
  • Review and evaluate your own levels of MA sophistication 
  • Identify the steps you can take to improve 
  • Deliver powerful marketing results with automation. 

This report was produced in partnership with Circle Research, the B2B market research specialist. 

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"Implementing MA for clear strategic reasons right from the start makes a considerable difference to success"

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1 – Introduction

2 – Current MA trends in B2B

3 – The MA Sophistication Index

4 – Summary and conclusion