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Picking your battles

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Because sometimes your biggest customer is your own CEO

CEOs have spoken and the word they used to describe CMOs was brutal: ‘Lightweight.’

While a dagger to our collective hearts, there is an important lesson. The answer is fairly simple; CMOs fail to sufficiently focus on resolving the problems that keep CEOs up at night, instead focusing on the plethora of things that haunt their customers’ dreams.

The best marketing leaders take time to find that sweet spot, where they can fulfil the objectives of their market and their boardroom in one fell swoop.

This roundtable is all about finding those overlaps and building mutually beneficial solutions.

Our leaders came together in July to tackle these questions and look to find ways to get their CEOs onside, with discussion looking at:

  • What are other c-suite members doing to align with the CEO’s challenges?
  • How to make sure your whole team understand their work in the context of the company’s top line strategy.
  • How to demonstrate your work as a solution to their pains (without looking like a suck up).

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