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The storyteller CMO

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United Kingdom

Once upon a time, marketers struggled to make an impact in the boardroom with statistics alone...

Nowadays, marketers have more data than ever before (some would say too much, but that’s for another day…).Much of this data is failing to permeate the boardroom and really effect change.  Unfortunately, human beings aren’t designed to intuitively grasp data and make big decisions on numbers alone. Marketing leaders need to find ways to tell stories that truly resonate at the highest echelons of their businesses to help them understand the difference an empowered marketing department can make to a business.  During this event we will discuss how CMOs can blend their stats with their stories to get the c-suite on side. Also discussed were: 
  • How to challenge and reposition the board’s thinking.
  • How to embody the customer in the boardroom.
  • How to make sure these stories go beyond the boardroom and impact the business at every level.

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