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Uncovering the secrets of high-growth tech brands

Learn from the best and unlock growth in your tech business


The tech sector currently offers unparalleled opportunities to grow incredibly fast, so how can you capitalise on this potential? This report defines what it is that really sets the most successful brands apart, and exactly what you can learn from them to accelerate growth in your business.

Above all others, the technology sector shines with examples of brands achieving stellar, marketing-driven growth.

So how do they do that? 

What are the secrets to delivering and riding an exponential growth curve in tech?  

And how you can you change your marketing game plan and tactics to deliver even faster and greater revenue growth?

This unique research and analysis gets under the hood of some of some of the brightest high-growth tech brands.

In this hugely enlightening report you'll discover:

  • The high-growth measures that really matter.
  • How to create your own growth acceleration plan.
  • The 10 things all high-growth tech brands have in common.
  • The secrets behind successful growth-driving sales and marketing strategies.
  • The five fundamental business principles behind high growth.
  • Why having a mission is like having rocket fuel.
  • The most powerful voice you have and probably aren't using.

Want to learn and emulate the traits that define high-growth tech brands? 

This report reveals the common, key characteristics of their:

  • Business strategy
  • Company culture
  • Sales and marketing culture
  • and much, much more.

It also includes a detailed case study on the rise of Apttus - from start-up to world leader in 'quote-to-cash'. 

"Many assume rapid growth should be a done deal, as long as you have a great product. But are these expectations realistic?"

A look inside


  1. Introduction
  2. What is high growth?
  3. What all high-growth tech brands have in common
  4. The business principles of high growth
  5. Growth fuelled by sales and marketing
  6. Case study: Apttus
  7. Your growth acceleration plan
  8. Conclusion