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Unlock your storytelling potential

Storytelling is sometimes neglected in B2B marketing, but it shouldn't be – it can be a highly effective tool. This guide contains everything you need to start telling compelling stories to engage your audience like never before 


This best practice guide, produced in partnership with marketing consultant and B2B trainer Joshua Morse, is a complete resource for any B2B marketer looking to fulfil their storytelling potential. It contains in-depth advice and practical examples that will help B2B marketers from all sectors find and tell the stories that will capture the attention of their audience.

This guide will help you: 

  • Find your stories, establish what matters, and target the right audience. 
  • Come up with creative ways to build interest. 
  • Write arresting headlines that will pull readers in. 
  • Structure your stories and bring them to life. 

"The biggest hurdle we B2B marketers often face is convincing ourselves we have a story worth telling. The fact is we all do. Behind every brand, product and idea is a story."

A look inside

  • b2b storytelling, b2b marketing
  • b2b storytelling, b2b marketing


1 – Introduction 

2 – Four important stories to tell 

3 – Nine ways to build interest 

4 – Three types of title 

5 – Facts, fibs and frauds 

6 – Structuring your story 

7 – Key takeaways