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What does ABM mean for marketing managers?

The key takeaways from our June 2018 emerging leaders roundtable


Switching to a new marketing method, such as account-based marketing, is scary. There are new processes, tools, objectives, measurements… It can very quickly become overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be as tough as you think.

As you may have noticed, ABM is a bit of a big deal in the B2B world right now.

Many CMOs with a complex sales process are looking to adopt this new approach, and are seeking to recruit talented  marketing managers to help them lead the way.

Furthermore, at our ABM conference back in November, Andrea Clatworthy from Fujitsu spoke about the skills required to be a great ABMer, observing that an account based marketer needs to become “a mini CMO”. 

This raises some questions with interesting and exciting implications for marketing managers who can use ABM as a springboard for success within their business.

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