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The Neverending Customer Experience

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 - 3:00pm

Zoom virtual session



We’d like to personally invite you to join our virtual round table discussion on the 29nd March for Senior Marketers 


Traditionally, B2B marketers have been responsible for generating demand for products and services but their responsibility ended once the prospect completed a form or began using the product or service. But in today’s competitive, and increasingly digital, landscape, demand generation isn’t enough.

The experience customers have while using products and services is as important to marketing as emails and landing pages. Leading brands are recognising the need to bring marketing and product experience teams together to consider and optimise the true customer journey experience.
In this session, Adam Greco, a digital marketing analytics veteran, will share his perspectives on the changes that are taking place in B2B marketing and why he is seeing the need for marketing and digital product teams to increase collaboration to build optimal customer experiences.

We will be discussing: 

  • Why B2B marketers should work more with product teams.
  • How marketers can rethink the customer experience and look at it more holistically.
  • How to create the best customer experience that set you up for growth.


Please note that this roundtable is exclusively for senior marketers. We will send you a calendar invite to confirm your place. We will sadly not be able to accept any applications from agencies or MarTech vendors.

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