Awards 2014, category 25: TMF Group

December 8, 2014

A product of an M&A culture, TMF Group was its own best kept secret. It operates in the same space as world-renowned brands such as KPMG, Deloitte and EY and enjoys a client retention rate of more than 90% - yet no one had ever heard of the company. Through a Group-wide audit, the new CMO discovered the reputation of marketing was fraught. The top three marketing deliverables were believed to be stationery, brochures and branded merchandise; 70% of respondents said they never had any contact with Group Marketing.

Now we've gone from nothing to a team of 22, looking after a budget of just 1.5 million euros, supporting more than 30 million euros in pipeline, and achieving great and visible things. Operation Marketing Turnaround might seem like a simple project - a case of doing bread and butter work for a marketing team - but within this particular company it was a revolution. It directly led to us introducing the QuickStart campaign to the business in April 2014, in turn sparking a revolution in how we position the company.

Awards 2014, category 25: TMF Group



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