Awards 2014, category 17: Stein IAS for TalkTalk Business

December 8, 2014

Historically, TalkTalk Business (TTB) directed their offering to enterprise audiences (250+ employees) exclusively. But with the opportunity to extend its offering to a wider market, the brand looked to build relationships with Corporates and the technology partners that traditionally serviced big business: Systems Integrators (SIs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs).

The strategy was to conduct research that would create a content asset of genuine value to the marketplace but also help shape TTB’s corporate focus for 2013/14 and beyond. Getting the research themes right was crucial to ensure the results would appeal to those corporate decision-makers. A hypothesis was devised, tested and re-tested to make sure the angles reflected market beliefs.

The output was the Integrate Britain Report: a comprehensive write-up of an exceptionally detailed qualitative and quantitative research exercise with high relevance to enterprise targets. Insight from the Report was used to develop assets across multiple channels: emails, thought leadership, webinars, roundtables, social and advertising. The outcome was a steady stream of high quality leads and measurable engagement with campaign assets – multimillion pound sales pipeline to date - putting TTB on the radar of its most hard-to-reach enterprise audiences.







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