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7 questions to ask when planning content translation

August 29, 2017
United Kingdom

Content marketing has the potential to push your engagement and brand reach, out across the globe.

If your business competes internationally, then the chances are you'll be looking to repurpose existing content marketing for local markets.

Which means two things: You'll need a high standard of localized content. And you'll need lots of it.

But what does it take to localize content well, on time and within budget?

Content translation experts SDL have created this 11 page guide to give you their inside knowledge on the key questions you need to ask when considering your next content translation project.

From the use of Translation Memory, through to the delivery format, these are the 7 crucial aspects that can mean the difference between a successful content translation project, and one that comes with issues and headaches.


Start with question number one...

Does your translation provider use Translation Memory?

Here's one way to know if the answer to this question is a yes or a no: Check if your translation costs per project decrease over time. 

If not, chances are you're paying to translate the same words and phrases time and again.

SDL translation guide inside page

Download this guide now, to get the lowdown that only those in the translation industry know, on what you need to ask BEFORE you start your next content translation project.







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