ABM: Which approach is right for you?

November 1, 2017

Marketers are always on the lookout for the next great panacea, and account-based marketing (ABM) has been touted as such.

But while most of us understand no silver bullet exists, are there elements of ABM everyone can prosper from, and how can you determine which approach to ABM to take?

Is there a single approach to ABM that guarantees results, even though each set of accounts is unique?

B2B Marketing gathered some of the top client-side ABM practitioners for a roundtable, held in association with Transmission (formerly Pulse), to discuss:

  • How they got started
  • What’s been successful (and what hasn’t)
  • How they picked the accounts to target
  • Tips on how to measure ABM
  • What they’d do differently if they had the chance
  • And what’s the one thing that separates great ABMers from the rest.

Download this free report now to find out what they told us.

ABM: Which approach is right for you?







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