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AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 1: ‘Energy transparency campaign’ for Vestas by Vertic

September 14, 2012

The world’s leading corporations are investing in renewable energy to hedge energy costs and increase their sustainability profile. However many of them work with utilities companies that do not have the insights to advise corporations with alternative wind energy solutions. Traditionally, Vestas works closely with wind farm operators and utilities.

As a new strategic move Vestas wanted to expand the wind energy market place and include corporations that are investing heavily in some cases in wind energy as a key customer in their stakeholder mix. To support this strategy, Vestas commissioned two surveys – the Corporate Renewable Energy Index that reports on corporations’ energy consumption and the Global Consumer Wind Study that investigates consumers’ demand for renewable energy. The surveys establish that consumers want products made with wind energy and that corporations are eager to source more renewable energy.

The campaign, executed by Vertic, was designed to establish a personalized dialogue between Vestas and the decision makers at leading brands around the world about the benefits of directly investing in wind energy with a clear focus on one-to-one customised communication and each decision maker was approached with energy consumption or customer brand preference information relevant to his/her company.



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