AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 1: ‘Thales Brand’ for Thales by Gravity Global

September 13, 2012

The challenge was to develop and deliver a truly aligned and integrated campaign to a fragmented global business encompassing on-line and offline, internal and external comms.

Internal – this involved educating and equipping 200 communications personnel responsible for their own activities in their market, cascading the programme internally to 67,000 employees across 56 countries and 13 time zones.

External – the campaign needed to reach and influence senior decision makers and government officials across five different market sectors and six continents taking into account the local market presence and objectives.
Critical to this was the way in which a complicated message had to be crystallised and communicated consistently in a simple, easy and engaging way to actively encourage all audiences to find out more.

Key to the success of the campaign was a bespoke and innovative communications portal through which all internal and external activities could be channelled, developed, monitored, revised and delivered 24/7.

Also the integration of digital and print with QR codes (a first in this sector) working hand in hand was a key component of the programme in order to deliver both the breadth and depth of the offering required by the diverse audiences in a timely manner.


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