AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 10: ‘Digital attribution analysis’ by SAP

September 28, 2012

Companies know that digital attribution is important, but many are not practicing it. Digital attribution is a hot topic in marketing today because it uncovers the journey that consumers take as they engage with their favourite brands online. Digital attribution measures how different digital channels, such as social media, contribute to conversions. Tracking consumers’ paths online is a complex process that takes patience to execute.

From a technical perspective, it requires a data partner that has the capacity and infrastructure to collect and store large amounts of digital data. After a data partner is selected, marketing teams that often act in silos need to collaborate with each other. That means teams in display, search, social, CRM, website, micro sites, and analytics need to understand each other’s campaign details in order to successfully tag and categorize digital media. Finally, the actual analysis of millions or, in many cases, billions of records requires robust analytics capabilities.

It takes making sense of “big data” to uncover actionable insights and drive optimisations.



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