AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 11: ‘Balanced transformation’ for Freedom by Wallpaper Marketing

November 19, 2012

Freedom faced the challenge of reopening conversations with its inactive customer base regarding outdated telephony and IT systems, something that posed significant risks to the businesses.

Due to its transformation from a VoIP firm to a TMT solutions provider, Freedom wanted to reach C-level decision makers, as well as IT managers. In order to make this happen, it came up with a simple, effective, and low cost campaign, which has brought extraordinary results in terms of sales, reputability, and brand awareness.

The campaign used a diverse range of contact channels and multimedia content, ensuring that all content distributed was personalised to each individual. The target audience of over 1,000 customers was researched thoroughly to ensure that only the companies that would benefit most from upgrades were contacted.

Targets were contacted by email, an official posted mailer, and received a telephone call to explain the process. An individual micro-site was developed for each customer using a personalised URL, and by following the link customers could access exclusive video content explaining the issues further. The mailer also issued an official invitation to an event at a desirable location, where customers could meet face-to-face with technical solutions experts to discuss the issues and solutions.








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