AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 11: the corporate engagement programme for Lombard Group by Purestone

November 20, 2012

Acquisition campaigns from B2B financial services brands are typically dry and technical in nature. Campaigns will centre on brand and product, as opposed to audience and needs, leaving corporate DMC’s awash with bland, non-discernible offerings.

With a tough and unpredictable climate Lombard knew it needed to ‘change things up’ if it was to deliver a pipeline of engaged corporate prospects from the UK’s manufacturing industry.

Long term strategic partner and digital specialist Purestone were brought in to help shape and deliver a highly targeted acquisition campaign that would create cut through and ultimately new business. The strategy focussed on the use of leading edge digital techniques to create a user journey that was visually impactful, unique and highly personalised to the individual. The campaign narrative had the target individual at its heart. This was supported by a sophisticated analytics and user tracking solution that provided granular intelligence on all aspects of user behaviour.

The results have been exceptional. Careful selection and segmentation of 2,000 prospects supported highly personalised email campaigns that delivered unique open rates of 39 per cent. Click through rates of over 23per cent saw 62 per cent of visitors complete the journey








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