AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 11: Deeper for Qosmos by Goffredo Puccetti at the Pôle Créatif Épinay/Orge

November 20, 2012

Qosmos develops software that is embedded into larger solutions to provide detailed visibility into communications traffic as it travels over networks. The company operates in a very narrow and technical market niche, but with a broad applicability across horizontal industries.

Qosmos needed an eye-catching campaign that would instantly convey its value proposition to an audience unfamiliar with the time and money-saving benefits.

Goffredo Puccetti proposed ‘Deeper’ as a theme that immediately communicates Qosmos’ main brand attribute: greater visibility inside network traffic. This theme was extended to create an integrated campaign targeting specific audiences (i.e. cybersecurity, telecom). Deep sea images provided stunning visuals and placed the audience outside the technical context.

With 80 employees, Qosmos is a small company. Its customers and partners, however, are large market leaders. Qosmos needed to present an image of a successful company with an established product line and the means to promote and support its offering. It was essential to span all core marketing channels and gain maximum impact from a limited marketing budget.

‘Deeper’ was conducted on a budget of £29,000 and resulted in year-on-year increases of:

- 149 per cent for lead generation

- 74 per cent for sales pipeline

- 50 per cent uplift in unique website visitors 








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