AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 12: 2e2 Business Architectures for 2e2 by Purestone

November 19, 2012

In late 2010 2e2 created a single customer view across their disparate client base (the result of the 2e2 growth strategy which acquired and assimilated many companies over a five year period).

Customers were polarised around the single technology that they had bought, with little awareness of the wider services now offered by 2e2. Add to this the economic environment and a jaded, unengaged audience for new technology, 2e2 were facing a very steep challenge.

Two key objectives were identified:
1. Demystify the breadth of technologies, taking them from complex multi-technology platforms into clear propositions which supported business requirements.
2. Introduce customers (and prospects) to the 2e2 offerings, proving the value of new technologies and delivering on the brand proposition.

With education, interactivity and a ‘personal customer journey’ at its heart, Purestone implemented a nine month, multi layered campaigns strategy spanning email, microsites and online engagement tools.

The results have been exceptional, returning investment 166 times. Segmentation of the 60,000-strong customer database gave rise to key insights to drive eCRM campaigns, delivering unique open rates of 28 per cent. Click through rates of more than 13 per cent across campaign microsites and tools saw a final customer conversion rate of 12 per cent.









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