AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 13: ‘Avnet Socialondemand’ by Purechannelapps

October 5, 2012

Avnet Technology Solutions (Avnet) is a global IT solutions distributor of services, software and hardware. Avnet’s customers include value-added resellers and system integrators.

Avnet operates in the highly competitive space of distribution, where differentiation and engendering business partner loyalty are key challenges.

Avnet’s vendors and its business partners continually look to Avnet for unique and innovative ways to drive business growth through the channel.

In March 2012, Avnet in the UK adopted socialondemand, the channel social media tool from purechannelappsTM that enables Avnet and its vendors to syndicate targeted end-user content to the social media connections of its business partners.

Avnet socialondemand provides Avnet, its vendors and business partners with the mechanism to directly influence the end-user buying process and drive incremental business.

Launched in April 2012 with one of Avnet’s leading vendors, over 75 business partners have already registered for Avnet socialondemand. Avnet has so far created 65 social media posts, which have been reposted over 600 times by partners, achieving click-through rates of up to 50 per cent, with over 11,000 clicks, downloads and retweets.

Avnet is currently talking to five other vendors about Avnet socialondemand, and purechannelapps is in discussion with Avnet Technology Solutions EMEA about a regional rollout.








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