AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 13: ‘Our business runs better’ for SAP by DNX

November 21, 2012

In 2011 SAP launched a marketing programme that helped raise the profile of SAP and its channel partners within the SME sector through a consistent in-market presence. The campaign revolutionised the way SAP engaged in co-marketing planning and activity with their network of channel partners from over 40 countries in EMEA.

The ‘Our Business Runs Better’ (OBRB) marketing programme was developed to show SMEs that SAP and its experienced partner network understand everything there is to know about their unique business challenges by showing how they have developed partnerships and delivered solutions to similar sized businesses around the world.

By bringing real SME challenges to life through different pain points, depicted visually by models holding boards, the OBRB campaign shows growing businesses that SAP solutions are appropriate for them and their business needs.

Thanks to the flexible creative framework, partners from varying backgrounds and with varying budgets could easily develop campaigns featuring an actual customer case study and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

For the first time, local channel marketing teams had enough tools to sit down with their top channel partners at the beginning of the year and develop an integrated plan of co-marketing and partner-led marketing activity.








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