AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 14: 'Getting Welsh business online' for Google UK by Culture Goup

October 19, 2012

Getting Welsh Business Online increased the awareness of online marketing among small businesses in Wales over a three month period in 2012.

Why focus on Wales?

  • 60 per cent of the 204,000 business in Wales are SMEs (two per cent above the UK average)
  • As many as 40 per cent of SMEs in Wales have no online presence 
  • 64 per cent of these SMEs are located within an hour's drive of Cardiff 

What were the goals?

  • Raise awareness of the opportunity that SMEs are missing if they don't market their business online. 
  • Offer practical support through one-to-one sessions and workshops, to help improve online marketing efforts. 
  • Engage partners to contribute and share content and advice, creating a sustainable ecosystem of support. 

How was it promoted?

  • Launch event for 600 people 
  • More than 400 pieces of online content 
  • 20,000 pieces of (bi-lingual) literature 
  • 17 local partners to syndicate content 
  • A relationship with Welsh Government (and their database of 25,000 businesses) 

What were the results?

  • 36 million people reached with PR coverage via TV, radio, press 
  • 420k+ people reached and educated through our content 
  • 1600+ Welsh SMEs trained by Google Advisers 
  • Ongoing Google Training sessions, provided at no cost, by local agencies.




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