AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 15: 'Big fish' by Cameron Wells

October 5, 2012

The ‘Big Fish’ lead nurturing campaign is a joint entry from Cameron Wells Communications and health insurance broker PMI Health Group.

It was devised to help PMI break into the traditionally time-pressured and hard to reach ‘large corporate’ market.

By creating various touchpoints throughout the year with senior HR professionals at some of Britain’s largest employers, it ensured PMI Health Group was front of mind at insurance policy renewal time.

The campaign ran for 12 months using a combination of direct mail, email, telemarketing, media and web marketing, and produced 228 sales meetings, more than double our original target of 100 and equivalent to nearly one in four of the company's targets agreeing to a meeting.

High quality content was key to the campaign’s success. Objective, useful and topical advice from both medical and insurance experts at PMI lent credibility while a free subscription to a popular magazine created warmth towards the brand and provided a non-salesy way of getting past the usual gatekeeper and engaging with senior targets each month.

Telemarketing follow up was focused on targets in the active stage of the buying cycle – those who had accessed the advice material and where the renewal date was impending.



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