AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 15: 'CTAS lead generation' for Carbon Trust by WDMP

November 19, 2012

The Carbon Trust’s consultancy arm (CTAS), helps organisations understand and address the environmental impact they make along their supply chains and look at strategies that save money and enhance reputations. CTAS, however, were struggling to motivate large organisations with this offering and required help to engage and convert hard to reach decision makers.

Experience told us that we needed to create a conversation within an organisation between the decision maker (CEO), who would catalyse the action and champion the cause; and the expert influencer (sustainability manager), who would actually implement any changes.

To get the attention of CEOs we developed a highly disruptive personalised DM pack. Our solution was elegantly simple: a box of dominos (made from sustainable bamboo) that communicated the ‘knock-on effect’ of inefficiencies in your supply chain.

Summary: The influencers received a less involved, but more detailed mailer, literally a letter printed on an envelope as we explained the need to ‘turn the carbon debate inside out’. We followed up with a well timed email and telemarketing designed to build momentum and move interest to action quickly. Campaign results exceeded expectation – achieving a 12 per cent conversion rate - double the previous best results for a CTAS campaign.



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