AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 15: ‘Smart metering’ for SAP by DNX

November 22, 2012

By 2020, every home in the country must have a smart meter – and it’s the energy retailers’ responsibility to install them. For SAP, this represents a huge opportunity as the energy retailers will soon be turning to partners who can help them with every aspect of the roll out, from back office planning and field services execution to data management and analytics.

Having commissioned and carried out an in-depth profiling exercise for SAP, DNX targeted the 17 key decision-makers in the big seven energy retailers (Centrica, EON, Npower, ESB, Gazprom, Scottish Power and EDF). They were sent a personalised video mailer, including a message from Mike Lewis, industry principal for utilities at SAP. The mailer invited them to visit a personalised website (DNX created one for each company) where they could find out more about SAP’s experience in this area. The sites were regularly updated with new content and alerts were sent out by email.

The objective of the campaign was to set up two meetings. The campaign delivered four.








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