AWARDS 2012 CASE STUDY: Category 18: 'Thales brand' by Gravity Global

October 5, 2012

Our task was to brand a business that operated a decentralised business model operating across 56 countries, 5 different business areas with over 5,000 different product solutions. Historically the business had empowered 200 communications personnel to develop individual messaging to suit the sector.

Our research identified that internally the 67,000 employees only talked about innovation, technologies and products on a sector-bysector basis, often referring back to legacy brands acquired by the business rather than adopting the ‘new’ brand.

Externally the business had varying levels of awareness differing by sector and geography. Our research showed that there was an inconsistent view of the business and an unclear picture of what was differentiating about the business.

Both internally and externally the brand picture was at best not consistent and at its worse confused and often incorrect. Our objective was to uncover a compelling differentiated proposition.

Validate the idea across established and emerging markets.

Develop a brand property and communicate it across all markets, countries and stakeholder groups.

Convert the 200 communications personnel to become brand ambassadors and to speak with one voice.

And lastly to ensure that the external audience understood the value proposition and what was special about the business.


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